Kyrgyzstan 2018

Kyrgyzstan 2018

Did you know that Kyrgyzstan is among the poorest countries in central Asia? With serious economic problems and increasing poverty rates, the people of Kyrgyzstan are suffering a lot. The economic growth seems to deteriorate with inflation and unemployment rates rising every day. The economic conditions are further aggravated by the decline of infrastructure and widespread corruption. Even though there are many NGO’s working in the nation, poverty doesn’t seem to go anywhere. More than half of the population lives under the poverty line with almost 1/5th of the population unemployed.

One of the major problems that are being faced by the people of Kyrgyzstan is of poor health conditions and increasingly expensive health services. With declining of health not just of the elderly citizens but of the young as well, life has become very tough for these people. Kyrgyzstan faces high rates of tuberculosis and cardiovascular diseases being the main cause of death along with high maternal and infant mortality rates. For a country where wages are low and unemployment numbers are high, being able to pay for medical bills that are as high as in the West seems nearly impractical. A kidney transplant is as high as 30,000 USD. Purchasing medicines or even painkillers seems like a very difficult decision for many citizens of Kyrgyzstan and for some it’s nearly impossible. Therefore, being unable to pay for the bills of medical services and facilities, people of Kyrgyzstan continue to live in poor health conditions and in pain.

Road 2 Kyrgyzstan is a non-profit charity program where the aim is to help the people of Kyrgyzstan avail proper health services and hence a chance of an improved life. Health is a blessing without which life seems meaningless. We believe that everyone deserves quality care and the possibility of a better life. With a number of small scaled projects in local communities, our goal is to raise awareness about the social responsibility, welfare of underprivileged and deserving people and supporting communities by donating money to institutions and healthcare facilities.


Another charity which we support is a platform for people where we try to help them in any way possible. People ask help for their problems and we try finding solutions to those problems. One of the sections on this platform is strictly concerned with the hospital or healthcare bills which can’t be paid by people. Even though our aim is to help everyone who is in need, we understand that because of limitations we would not be able to help everyone. Our utmost priority will be helping the young with funded medical bills. However, by helping as many people as we can through this platform and in collaboration with the people of Kyrgyzstan, we will try to make a difference and inspire others to do the same.

Play your part. Bring hope to the people of Kyrgyzstan. Help the community by sending us your donations today and make this world a better living place for everyone.

A example from a child how needs help